Control Panel

The SideWinder Control Panel includes everything that you need to setup and customize your site. Everything from the theme-skin and logo to the homepage layouts and navigation settings is covered in one easy to use jQuery options panel. Check out the full list and a quick video preview below:

Design Settings

  • Skin Selector (10+ Skins)
  • Custom Logo Image
  • Custom Browser Icon
  • Cufon Font Replacement Settings
  • Body Font Selector
  • Custom CSS Insertion Panel
  • Alpha Loader
  • Stagger Image Gallery Loader

Navigation Options

  • Full Menu Builder (WP 3.0x Ready)
  • Search Bar (on/off)
  • Social Media (on/off)
  • Shuffle Link (on/off)
  • Navigation Width

Social Media Options

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Email
  • RSS
  • Over 15 more…

vGrid Options

  • Show Module Titles (on/off)
  • Show Module Meta (tags/categories/off)
  • Number of Posts per Grid Page
  • Custom Pagination
  • Grid Module Spacing

8 Page Templates

  • Standard Page
  • Standard Page w/ Background Image
  • Blank Page w/ Background Image
  • Full Width
  • Image Gallery
  • Full Width Image Gallery
  • vGrid Blog
  • Traditional Blog

Custom Sidebar Spaces

  • 2 Widgetized Sidebar Areas
  • Add as many new sidebars as you want
  • Custom Widget Styling
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